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Meet Emily.
Head of Finance.

Emily and her finance team use Hologram’s Dashboard to monitor device usage and optimize data plans for their global scooter and bikeshare fleets. Hologram is your partner, not just your carrier — backed by transparent pricing and discounts as you scale.

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One global rate

As her product teams launch in new markets, Emily can easily forecast connectivity budgets from Toronto to Timbuktu.

Emily avoids months-long negotiations with carriers each time they launch in new cities and countries.

Additionally, with Hologram’s single global data and device rates, Emily can help speed up experiments in new cities and greenlight new markets faster. This keeps her finance and product teams nimble.

Flexible pricing that scales

As their company expands into new products and scales quickly, Emily can forecast automatic volume discounts.

Hologram Professional Edition features no contracts and no fees. Emily’s team monitors data spend in real time and can make dynamic changes to data plans at any time.

Plus, as they add new products and devices to their account, they automatically get volume discounts.

Complete Visibility

Emily’s team can collaboratively manage usage and forecast spend for their entire fleet from a single dashboard.

With Hologram’s easy-to-use Dashboard, Emily’s finance teams can effortlessly track spending across one device or the entire fleet.

Her associates use Tags to group and track sets of devices. They use the one-click export feature to download detailed usage reports that can be fed into their ERP and financial reporting tools.

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