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Meet Ty.

Head of Operations.

Ty and his team use Hologram’s cellular platform to power their global scooter sharing startup. Hologram makes it easy for Ty’s operations team to accelerate time-to-market and hit launch KPIs.

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Deploy Globally

Ty can easily expand into new cities and countries without having to kick off negotiations with carriers each time.

His operations team gets the advantages of multiple carrier partnerships, with the ease of managing one connectivity experience from one platform. They don't have to play air traffic control with multiple carrier partners.

Test Q&A

When they start mass production, Ty uses Hologram Preflight to test devices in Shenzhen and automate activation upon delivery.

Ty’s supplier is based in Shenzhen. During production, they can use test connectivity to ensure every scooter is functioning properly without activating the device yet.

Each scooter connects to a local carrier, passes QA tests on the cellular network, and then hibernates for shipping.

Once they arrive at their launch destination, they activate automatically for connectivity on Hologram's global network of carriers.

Single SKU

As Ty prepares his scooter fleet for the next deployment, he saves time and money by using a single Hologram global IoT SIM.

There’s no need for Ty to plan SIM swaps as he rebalances deployments. All of their SIM cards have access to every country and carrier in Hologram’s network.

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