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Powering thousands of IoT deployments

Hologram’s platform gives IoT products a competitive advantage to connect simpler, and scale faster.

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Why thousands of companies choose Hologram for their cellular IoT platform


One global IoT SIM

Deploy to new countries or with new hardware technologies all through the same Hologram global IoT SIM to streamline your IoT deployments.

Breadth and Depth of Coverage

Keep devices connected in the field with Hologram’s network of networks and automatic carrier switching to the best signal available in each country.

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Built to scale

Flexible pricing with no contracts

Pricing that automatically scales with you. Discounts start at just 100 devices. Change your plans anytime from our Dashboard.

Hardware agnostic. Developer ready.

Use our SIM card in any hardware device and connect to any IoT cloud service. Use our powerful REST APIs to integrate quickly.

Perfect cellular connectivity for your IoT deployment

Grab a free SIM card and free data plan to get started in your hardware.

How Hologram works

Hologram simplifies your entire go-to-market strategy, so your IoT devices can connect and scale easily.

Using Hologram


SIMs in 1 week

All customers can get devices online in under a week.

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No-contract scaling

Total flexibility, no minimums. Pricing drops as you grow.

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Best coverage globally

Access to multiple carriers in each country, with automatic carrier switching.

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Future-proof SIMs

No need to swap SIM cards to get access to new carriers and tech.

Without Hologram

Drawn-out negotiations

Cannot trial or test service. Enter long enterprise contract process.

Scaling is costly

Inflexible contracts lock in pricing with costly minimums early on.

Single carrier coverage

Scaling to new markets, global coverage requires multiple providers and SIMs.

Friction to upgrade

New contracts and limitations when trying to adopt new tech like CAT-M.

Developer tools to learn, refine, and scale your IoT projects

Explore how you can connect anything—from just about anywhere—using our free Global SIM card and integrated IoT platform.

Try Hologram today.

  • Free SIM
  • 1 MB/mo free
  • Connect and scale in days