Cellular IoT keeps micromobility leader Veo on the move

Micromobility company Veo has partnered with Hologram for their cellular IoT connectivity.
Case Study
Kelli Harris
June 24, 2021
Man riding Veo scooter on a city street

As the demand for micromobility continues to increase, Chicago-based Veo is rising to the challenge, providing a sleek, green, and comfortable fleet for commuters across the country.

One of micromobility's fastest growing and most innovative companies, Veo products lead the industry in terms of durability and sustainability. The company designs and manufactures a first of its kind seated vehicle, the Veo Cosmo — meant for longer commutes, both day and night — in addition to e-scooters, e-bikes, and pedal bikes specifically built for the rigors of shared use.

Hologram Preflight reduces roadblocks

Veo designs their own fleet with its industry-leading safety features, like a unique e-swappable battery. Their QA process is rigorous, and with Hologram Preflight, they can test their fleet’s connectivity at the point of manufacture, to avoid potential roadblocks that might arise after they have shipped overseas.

“There are a number of reasons we selected Hologram. As we continue our rapid growth, Hologram’s SIM cards provide us with a global solution to connect our vehicles, no matter where they are in the world,” said Candice Xie, co-founder and CEO of Veo.

Scale quickly, at your own pace

Because Hologram has a network of more than 470 carriers in 200 countries, Veo can scale operations quickly and efficiently without connectivity issues or delays. And with dozens of cities and universities nationwide as partners in its mobility share programs, Veo is adding additional municipalities and campuses every month.

“We’re thrilled to be Veo’s connectivity provider, particularly at an exciting time for micromobility where we’re seeing increasing growth and demand for these innovative e-scooters and e-bikes,” said Ben Forgan, co-founder and CEO of Hologram.

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