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Quintin Carlson dreamed of a working environment in which his colleagues not only didn’t mind that he’s gay, but also celebrated it, and appreciated how his inclusion brought value to the organization. 

He found such a place at Hologram. While he never felt the need to hide his sexuality, at Hologram he has felt empowered to help the company celebrate Pride month, seek out more LGBT customers, and recognize the importance of a diverse employee team. “It’s a dream job,” he said — not just because of what he does, but because of the company that surrounds him. 

In the wake of worldwide social justice movements, organizations around the globe are doubling down on efforts to increase internal diversity. At Hologram, we’re a few steps ahead — we owe our very existence to founders who foresaw the need to create a company comprised of different and unique perspectives. We not only strive for diversity, we insist on it, and we incorporate it into every aspect of running the business — from the way we hire employees to our daily operating procedures. 

We of course do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, or sex. That’s the law. But nor do we discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We demonstrate this commitment to diversity through unwavering company policies. 

The first is how we hire people. 

Before we even advertise for an open position, we conduct internal training and discussions to make sure everyone involved in recruiting candidates understands the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion — commonly referred to as DE&I, in modern business parlance. While the three words are often blended into one term, it’s important to distinguish between them. Diversity refers to fair representation of underprivileged groups; equity means treating everyone fairly and transparently. Inclusion is perhaps the lynchpin — it’s not enough to have diversity and equity if those characteristics don’t exist within an inclusive framework that makes everyone feel welcome and valued. 

We used DE&I concepts to develop both our application process and the way we decide who to bring aboard for interviews. We like to think we’d be good at that anyway, but just in case we miss something, we use Greenhouse ATS recruiting software to make sure we’re considering all relevant criteria. We also use technical and behavioral standardized assessments to help us quantify and evaluate a candidate’s abilities and to avoid bias at all stages of the hiring process.

Finally, we don’t chat about the candidates in the break room or at Friday afternoon happy hour. We keep scorecards confidential among the hiring team until everyone has had the opportunity to document their thoughts objectively, without outside influence.

Of course, none of that means anything if we’re limiting our candidate pool. So we look beyond our traditional industry boundaries to find job-seekers who can diversify our team while helping Hologram achieve its lofty goals. We’ve posted openings with AngelList, Black Career Network, LinkedIn, Pink Jobs, and Power To Fly. 

The ultimate success is for a diverse team to propel diverse business decisions. And that’s the second way we demonstrate our commitment to the DE&I model. 

Decision Making Framework, or DMF, is a way of making decisions that takes into account all viewpoints from all involved parties. At Hologram, it means every single person involved in a project has a voice, regardless of whether it’s a minority opinion. In fact, one of our core company values is mindfulness — the ability to suspend judgement about a person or an idea. It’s a powerful virtue to have in life - but in the business world, it can alter a company’s trajectory. Here at Hologram, we interpret mindfulness as a willingness to be proven wrong — and that applies to everyone, from leadership on down. 

We’re not just being nice. Study after study has shown that when people feel included in a company’s development, creativity and innovation thrive, along with dogged determination to make stuff work. 

It’s why we’re good at what we do - we value people who disagree with us. We don’t limit our thinking to the prevailing notion. We don’t like you in spite of your differences. We appreciate you because of your differences, and because of what you bring to our team. 

Are you ready to work with a bunch of really cool people who aren’t like you? If so, shoot us a line. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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