Today, we announced our Series B round of funding of $65 Million, led by Tiger Global.

We are excited to announce that our Series B round of funding is complete. Led by Tiger Global — with other participating investments from Bullpen Capital, NextView Ventures, and Mucker Capital — we have raised $65 Million in capital that we will use to grow Hologram, invest in new employees, and solidify our part in the future of the Internet.

How we’re moving towards Internet 3.0

As the Internet has evolved, connections from device to device have grown and changed. We (and our new investors) see the Internet moving into its third phase. At its start, the first phase of the Internet connected computers to computers. The second phase connected the Internet and smartphones and web apps. The emerging third phase connects the Internet to other devices in the physical world. Here at Hologram, our vision is to connect any device to any network, instantaneously, anywhere. We believe Hologram is a key piece of infrastructure for the future of the Internet, and we’re going to continue building a company to realize our mission.

Hologram's leadership team

Building an iconic company with an iconic culture

So how are we going to build a company that will grow the connection of devices to the Internet? By building a company with an iconic culture.

"It’s my belief that iconic companies require iconic cultures. We’re excited to use this new capital to grow our team while staying true to our core values of transparency, mindfulness, and ownership. We’re committed to building Hologram into a place where employees can do the best work of their careers." — Ben Forgan, CEO and co-founder of Hologram

We’re committed to building Hologram into a place where employees can do the best work of their careers. — Ben Forgan, CEO and co-founder of Hologram

A critical part to creating an iconic company is investing in our employees. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is proven — and now we want to build on that foundation by tripling our team from 70+ employees to 225+ employees, with our continuing commitment to hiring a broad spectrum of people.

As part of Series B, we have allocated $5 million to angel investors, primarily focusing on underrepresented groups, including women and people of color. The plan includes adding an independent board member, which further underscores our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We’re beyond excited for this next phase at Hologram. Visit our careers page to be part of this growing, diverse team.

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