Hologram's value of ownership and how we live it every day

One of our core values at Hologram is ownership. Learn about how we practice this value in our everyday work!
Erin Philpot
January 24, 2022
Hologram employees collaborating

At Hologram, ownership is one of our core values and it guides how we work. Hologram employees are paid with a salary and with equity — making all of us "co-owners" of the business.

Ownership helps define our interactions with our teammates and our customers. It encourages cooperation and involvement among our teammates. Ownership also fosters community and buy-in across the org.

How does Hologram practice ownership

So, what does it look like in practice, to have ownership as a guiding light for Hologram?

We own our successes and failures

At Hologram, we take responsibility for our work and we see it through. We take pride in what we do, owning our successes and our failures. Hologram creates space for both — making it a safe place to develop and grow.

We have high standards for ourselves

Because we are all co-owners of Hologram, we strive to maintain exceptionally high standards for all things, especially hiring. At Hologram, we want to be pumped about our work, our customers, and our team. If we're not a heck yes then we say heck no and find a solution that we can really get excited about. It would be easy to compromise on this standard, especially as we experience exponential growth, but ownership asks for more. Ownership prompts us to do the hard work to avoid the gravitational pull of organizational mediocrity.

Ownership looks like taking responsibility for your projects and goals across the company. It also looking like lending a hand to a teammate who needs extra support. Ownership doesn't have a lane. It says "we can do better — together."

We leverage our skills

We also take ownership of ourselves, our time, and our capacity, prioritizing and delegating according to our responsibilities and strengths. The freedom that comes from this is a beautiful thing. Taking ownership allows us to function with an asynchronous work schedule and unlimited time off.

And because you're encouraged to hone in on your strengths, work becomes more enjoyable. It also empowers our team to fill the gap if they notice something at Hologram is missing (a policy, a social opportunity, a process, etc).

Ownership helps our team to naturally prioritize the activities that are the most valuable and meaningful for the business. We consider leverage above all — how can we use it and where can we create more of it? Whenever possible, we aim to create scalable solutions instead of throwing more bodies at a problem. When we're all aligned and taking ownership of the end goal, it's much easier to progress and succeed.

A Hologrammer who embodies ownership may jump in to create a new workflow for a previously clunky process, or a Slack channel for a specific group of folks. At Hologram, our employees are empowered to jump in and really make Hologram feel like their own company (because it is)! Ownership says, "It's yours — run with it!"

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Ownership encourages transparency and mindfulness

On a team that values ownership, we also gain transparency. Ownership shows our team that it's okay to have a bad day or ask for help. Ownership nudges us to lean into each other and truly co-operate with one another. Ownership says, "I've got your back and I know that you have mine."

We respect and uphold the trust our teammates have in us. When your wins and losses are also mine, I'm more invested in both our personal relationship and our collaborative success. Ownership also calls us to involve key stakeholders in our work, being mindful of the impact that our projects and decisions can have on the team.

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Become an owner at Hologram

As owners of Hologram, we're here to care for the business and for each other — because Hologram is ours. The success and vitality of our mission requires that each of us to own our piece.

If this sounds like the type of environment you would thrive in, and you also value ownership in your career, check out Hologram’s current open positions!

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