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Achieving a secure IoT deployment is challenging. IoT brings many new and diverse devices online — and each one is a potential doorway through which hackers can gain access to the network. Outdated firmware, open backdoors, or lack of basic cybersecurity measures such as data encryption can all create security issues for IoT deployments. 

What are IoT security solutions?

With companies around the world launching IoT deployments, security threats are growing along with concern about how to avoid them. There are quite a few IoT security solutions and tools out there that promise to combat the problem in various ways — by providing network visibility, antivirus solutions, encryption capabilities, monitoring services, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing, to name a few. These security safeguards can help to eliminate blind spots that lead to cyber attacks on IoT networks.

IoT security service providers are constantly introducing new products and services to address the unique needs of IoT networks. Many newer solutions utilize AI and machine learning to automate security functions, speeding response time in the event of a breach. 

What should I look for in an IoT security solution?

What you need in an IoT security solution depends on your use case, number of deployed devices, and other specifics. Many solutions are designed for enterprises with thousands or millions of connected devices in their network, while others are better suited for a small fleet of devices, such as smart home IoT. No matter your situation, look for solutions that provide network visibility (a clear view of all devices on your network), IoT encryption (ensuring that data is encrypted both at rest and in transit), and IoT authentication (the ability to check — and double-check — the identity of devices on a network). 

Here’s a closer look at 15 security solutions for IoT and what they offer.


A key player in IoT security, Symantec offers solutions for endpoint security, identity security, data protection, and network security. The various tools fit together to create a comprehensive solution. Their critical system protection system includes encryption, access management services, and data loss prevention.

IBM IoT Security

IBM offers a variety of IoT security solutions, including a service called X-Force Red IoT Testing, run by a group of experienced hackers who carry out penetration testing, automotive testing, ATM testing, and offensive security services such as adversary simulation.

Trend Micro IoT Security

This company’s IoT security solutions fall into three main boxes: endpoint, cloud, and email/mobile devices. Trend Micro’s offerings include a cloud security platform, vulnerability protection for end devices, endpoint encryption and data loss prevention, and hosted email security. The tools are targeted to a variety of sectors including automotive, smart factories, smart cities, retail, and healthcare.

Azure IoT

Part of Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Azure IoT Hub enables secure communication between IoT applications and devices. Azure IoT Edge secures data and devices at the edge, while Azure Sphere includes security service, expert monitoring, and a secure operating system.

AWS IoT Device Defender

A managed service designed to secure entire fleets of IoT devices, AWS IoT Device Defender constantly monitors IoT configurations like device identity verification, authorization, and data encryption against IoT security best practices. It also looks for devices that deviate from security metrics and sends out alerts if it notices any suspicious changes or security incidents.

Google Cloud IoT Core

A fully managed IoT solution, Cloud IoT Core includes several security features to ensure data protection at the device and cloud level, such as per-device public/private key authentication, support to rotate device keys, and API access that’s controlled by Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and permissions.


Created by Fortinet, FortiNAC provides network access control for IoT deployments. The tool prioritizes network visibility, letting network owners see every device as it joins the network and control where it can go and what information it can access. FortiNAC generates automated responses to notify operators within seconds if there’s a problem with a device or a perceived threat.


Armis is an agentless device security system, meaning that there’s no software to install on devices or machines. The solution can see every device on a network, identify security vulnerabilities, and allow organizations to spot rogue devices and deal with them before they pose a problem.


Forescout offers a set of tools for network visibility and security, including eyeSight, which discovers, classifies, and assesses devices across the enterprise. eyeManage provides dashboards and visual reports to view asset, compliance, and risk reporting and carry out upgrades, backups, and other management tasks throughout a device’s lifecycle.

CUJO AI Sentry

CUJO AI Sentry uses artificial intelligence to detect cyber threats on a network. Sentry runs without requiring software installation on end devices, automatically blocks threats, and sends out alerts to users as soon as it detects a problem. CUJO AI Sentry is designed for consumers as well as businesses.

Subex Secure

Subex Secure is a comprehensive package of cybersecurity solutions designed for IoT, IT, and OT. It covers every type of deployment, connectivity protocol, and device architecture and includes real-time threat intelligence using threat libraries specific to the company’s industrial or commercial sector.


Rapid7 has a range of cybersecurity tools to keep IoT data and devices secure, including real-time risk assessment dashboards, penetration testing software, endpoint detection and visibility, and access to expert security advisory services.

Rambus CryptoManager

A cloud-based software development kit (SDK), CryptoManager Device Key Management lets users create key management services. Using key management, you can securely provision identities, device keys, and certificates.


Trustwave offers a managed IoT security service that monitors databases, networks, and web and mobile applications that support IoT devices at the edge. The service gives customers access to security insights from a global team of experts, SpiderLabs. They also provide managed security testing, IoT product security reviews and tests, and incident readiness services.

Bitdefender BOX 

Designed to protect smart home devices on a home network, Bitdefender BOX secures all internet-connected devices on a home WiFi network. Its features include blocking malware, preventing password and identity theft, and impeding hacker attacks. It works with all common operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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