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Thirty-one percent of American workers say they receive no paid time off, and those who do get it say it’s not enough. These stats exist despite overwhelming evidence that giving employees ample vacation days improves productivity, efficiency, and mental health.

At Hologram, we believe the research. More importantly, we believe in providing employees the opportunity to live well outside of work. Our employees never have to worry about running out of PTO — because they never do. That’s right. We believe good employees know when they need a break, and we trust them to take care of themselves with unlimited time off.

Unlimited paid time off is just one of the ways we promote a healthy quality of life within Hologram. In addition to transparent pay scales and employee equity in the company, we’ve created a corporate structure devoid of nonstop 18-hour work days and an inability to find time for routine health appointments. Our philosophy? Aside from the moral imperative to create a happy and healthy community, we know that if the people behind our logo aren’t given the chance to pursue happiness and balance in their lives, our products will reflect their malaise.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

So how does unlimited PTO actually work? It’s simple. If you need a day off to attend your child’s kindergarten graduation, even if it’s just two weeks after your return from vacation, no worries. We wouldn’t want you to miss that. In fact, during these unprecedented stressful times, Hologram has been proactive in helping employees take care of themselves — we require them to take two days off a month to decompress.

Hologram also realizes that working 9-5 often prevents people from taking care of ordinary chores and responsibilities. If you need to go to the grocery store during the day rather than at rush hour, go for it. If your favorite yoga instructor only teaches on Fridays at 9 a.m., namaste. At Hologram, we get it . Just communicate with us, and you’re free to do what you need. After all, transparency is one of our core values.


There are job benefits, like free espresso and donuts in the break room, and then there are real-life necessary benefits: We cover 100 percent of the premium for medical insurance and 99 percent of the premiums for dental  and vision for employees, as well as disability insurance and a life insurance policy. We also cover 80 percent of the healthcare premiums for your dependents.

Speaking of dependents, should you bring one into the world, we’ll definitely throw you a shower, or at least do a diaper drive. But more significantly, you’ll have 14 weeks of maternal or paternal leave to bond with your baby. That’s paid leave, by the way.

Pia Opulencia, Hologram’s VP of Product, says that policy meant the world to her when she had her first child. "It was amazing to be able to focus on my baby and family time for her first three months of life,” she said. "I knew my team at Hologram was holding down the fort and they encouraged me to unplug. Even after being back, balancing work and home life is so much more manageable with flexible hours and our remote friendly setup."


The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was most inspired at home with his 16 cats roaming around. Same? That’s fine. We offer a 100 percent remote work option, whether it’s from your home or from a cabin in the woods (provided the cabin has excellent Wi-Fi).

If you prefer the camaraderie of an office, you won’t be able to bring 16 cats along. But we welcome your friendly canine companion, especially if she doesn’t mind extra love and attention from officemates. Recent studies show dogs in the workplace can increase morale, decrease stress, and promote improved mental health. We agree.

And while Hologram doesn’t want to dictate what you do in your off-time, we do want to encourage one practice proven to keep your mind sharp and creative — reading books. Hologram allows you to expense an unlimited number of books via Kindle — and not just work-related books. Fiction junkies, take note — you can make your way through every National Book Award finalist for the past 20 years at no cost to you. We’re that certain of the importance of reading.

It may seem too good to be true: a high-tech startup with a moral compass. But we think we’re on the cutting edge of something great —treating employees with the respect, the equity, and the benefits they deserve for helping us achieve success.

We think you’d like it here. Oh, we have a plan for that, too. If you become an employee and help recruit one of your talented friends to join our team, we’ll pay you a finder’s fee. That part really sounds too good to be true, but believe it. We do it anyway.

Click here to see how you can apply to join us. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

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