Retail IoT Solutions

Connecting every aisle and cart

Hologram makes it easy to stream customer data to power retail analytics, inventory management, and cashier-less checkout. Unlock the future of retail with our IoT platform.

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Stay connected in every retail location with one cellular platform

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Global Coverage

Build once, and deploy in any market around the world. No matter where you go, we'll have coverage to help you grow. Hologram has reliable coverage (almost) everywhere on Earth.

Automatic Carrier Switching

Your Hologram SIM automatically connects to the best local carrier in every market, without steering or prioritization. You’ll always have the best network connection, wherever you deploy.

Plug and Play

With Hologram you avoid flaky WiFi networks and unnecessary downtime. Our robust coverage ensures your device will work right out of the box with zero end-user setup or configuration.

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Proactive device monitoring

With Hologram Inflight, you’re proactively alerted whenever a device needs your attention. Giving you a seamless way to track the health of your IoT fleet at a glance.

Spend more time delivering a great customer experience, and less time managing your cellular network.

"Customer downtime has been reduced, satisfaction is up and we can focus more on the product experience”

Clay Skelton, President of ORIGO
Lee Lerner
Dir. Solution Engineering. Rigado

"Hologram keeps us connected in those situations where there’s not a network we can use.”

Tanguy Goretti, Co-founder and CTO of Cowboy Bikes
Garrett Relph
Project Manager, Zen Ecosystems

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Case Studies

Hologram is making the future of retail possible today

Staying reliably connected to dozens of cellular networks with just one SIM

Zen Ecosystems cloud connected devices help make commercial and retail buildings more energy efficient. But local WiFi is hard to access and bad for customer experience. Traditional cellular would take dozens of contracts and hundreds of different SIMs — taking time and resources away from delivering a great product.

With Hologram, Zen Ecosystem’s smart thermostats and lighting systems have 24/7 connection across the globe with just one contract, and just one type of SIM. Now all their devices are easily managed from one place, allowing them to focus on creating a great experience for their customers

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Avoiding downtime and lowering overhead with cellular

Rigado’s edge-networks are powering the next generation of retail experiences with services like online ordering and in-store pickup. However reliance on retail WiFi networks proved tough, they spent too much time diagnosing local network issues. Cellular was just as challenging, requiring juggling multiple SIM cards from different carriers to ensure they had the necessary coverage in every customer retail location.

Hologram’s network connects devices to over 550 carriers with just one SIM card — providing global coverage, back-up carriers, and unparalleled support. Making it easy for companies like Rigado to get  older industries to adopt new technology with reliable plug-and-play connectivity powered by Hologram.

photo of women buying something using a modern point of sale device

Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity