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Provide out-of-the box device connectivity that works in industrial settings all over the world — with just one SIM.



Instantly connected: making it easier for older businesses to adopt new technology.


Amper’s cloud-connected devices make manufacturing more efficient — but getting industrial companies connected to the cloud has big barriers. Factories and old buildings either have highly restricted Wi-Fi access or none at all. Traditional cell carriers would require managing multiple contracts for all the locations they work in and provide no back ups if coverage is spotty.


Hologram’s network connects devices to over 470+ carriers with just one SIM card — providing global coverage, back-up carriers, and unparalleled support. Getting older industries to adopt new technology is easy with reliable plug-and-play connectivity.

How Hologram fits in

  • 1

    Amper provides devices that monitor and help customers increase efficiency in their industrial equipment. Because the equipment is in a large industrial space, Wi-Fi isn’t an option.

  • 2

    Hologram enables a plug and play experience for Amper. No matter where they deploy their devices, Hologram provides an instant setup and reliable network coverage.

  • 3

    Amper can continue to grow and scale with the same hardware and a single pane of glass to manage — no matter where their customers are.

How Hologram is helping Amper

Reliable connectivity

If a factory doesn’t have WiFi, they can still use Amper. If they do have WiFi, they don’t need to spend weeks trying to negotiate with a reluctant IT department and troubleshooting reliability problems. Multi-carrier cellular makes Amper’s sensors reliable and plug-and-play from anywhere.

470+ carriers, one SIM card

Instead of trying to juggle carrier-specific contracts, SIM cards, and billing, Amper can simply install the same Hologram Global SIM card into every device. This also helps Amper avoid carrier-specific quantity commitments that may restrict future flexibility.

Unparalleled insights and support

Amper is using Hologram’s API and developer tools to write software to optimize their own technology. With data from Hologram’s dashboards, Amper can automate more processes to streamline growth. Plus, Hologram’s team is readily available to help Amper test new features.

Only pay for what you use

Amper can batch order SIM cards and get a better price than if they split an order between carriers. Hologram’s preflight mode gives Amper enough test data to configure devices and delay activation (and charges) until they are deployed and actively streaming data.

Amper's lifecycle with Hologram


Amper ordered a Hologram pilot SIM to see the network work with their devices in real time. They worked with our team of developers to make sure everything would work perfectly when they moved into development.


As Amper manufactures their devices, Hologram’s SIM cards are activated for testing, but don’t begin charging for data until customers start using them.


Amper’s customers receive their devices, plug them in, and are automatically connected via a cellular network.


Hologram’s inflight program allows Amper to monitor their devices and data usage all over the world with just one dashboard.


When Amper is ready to add customers in new regions, they have the assurance that they’ll already be connected — so they can focus on their product and sales.

Hologram enabled Amper’s devices to work out-of-the box from anywhere — transforming old factory machinery into smart technology.

Amper makes factories more efficient. Through a series of non-invasive sensors, Amper analyzes each machine's electrical usage to gauge whether it is productive, idle, or off. See how Amper’s out-of-the box technology transforms old machines into smart ones, providing 24/7 data that helps factories understand usage, prevent downtime, and increase production.

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