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How Fasal and Hologram are giving rural farmers a 20% per acre raise


To help rural farmers increase yields on their crops and improve their income through reduced waste and data-driven insights on best farming practices


Smart Agriculture




Traditional cellular connectivity required multiple SIMs, a confusing configuration to get set up, and required on-the-ground technical support in extremely rural areas for connectivity problems.


By partnering with Hologram, Fasal’s devices are instantly connected to over 470+ cellular networks worldwide, with just one SIM. Meaning no complicated contracts, no tech support needed, and constant connectivity.

How Hologram fits in

Fasal pre-installs the Hologram SIM into their devices during manufacturing, so they can ship them directly to rural farmers anywhere in the world.
Farmers power on their devices and they’re automatically connected, even where no Wi-Fi is present — they start gaining insights about their crops immediately.
Using Hologram's dashboards and reports, Fasal can instantly see any devices that need attention — ensuring seamless connectivity without on-the-ground tech support.
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How Hologram helps Fasal improve its devices

“The Hologram solution solves all our problems with connectivity,” Verma says. But Hologram’s Global SIM also helps Fasal improve its devices.

Easier installation for everyone

With Hologram SIMs, Fasal made its newest Kranti devices truly plug-and-play. Customers install the device in their fields themselves, then simply scan a QR code to initiate the connection. There’s no need for an on-site technician: the SIM card connects to the strongest available provider and begins collecting data. ‍

More insight into what’s connected

Meanwhile, the Fasal team can confirm device connectivity by looking at the Hologram Dashboard. They can see where active devices are deployed and monitor data usage to control costs. Verma says, “The Hologram Dashboard helps us stay aware so we can make decisions.”

Improved customer support

Hologram’s attentive support helps Fasal keep their farmers connected. “We were not getting that kind of support with the Indian telcos,” Verma says. Hologram support is prompt and solution-focused.

Pay-as-you-go data pricing

Before Hologram’s single SIM, Fasal paid data charges for each of its partner carriers — even if it didn’t use all the data it was paying for. Today, the Fasal team pays for only what they use.

Simplified scalability

Fasal can expand beyond India, confident that connectivity will already be solved. The same Hologram SIM that connects anywhere in India also works in the 200 other countries with Hologram coverage.

Fasal’s lifecycle with Hologram


Fasal ordered a Hologram SIM to see the network work with their devices in real-time.


As Fasal manufactures their devices, Hologram’s SIM cards are activated for testing, but don’t begin charging for data until customers start using them.


Farmers receive their devices, plug them in, and are automatically connected via a cellular network.


Hologram’s inflight program allows Fasal to monitor their robots and data usage from anywhere in the world with just one dashboard.


Fasal’s devices are ready to go global from day one. No new contracts needed. No new partners. Just reliable connectivity so they can focus on their product and sales.

Imagine being able to give every rural subsistence farmer a 20% raise

With Fasal’s devices, that’s becoming a reality. Knowing exactly when to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest crops will determine how much each crop yields. Fasal’s devices take the guesswork out of farming and bring data-driven decision-making to rural farmers, helping them reduce waste, and increase crop production. See how these Hologram-connected devices are improving incomes, and the planet, by bringing connectivity to rural farmers.

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