Introducing the new Dashboard homepage

The new Hologram Dashboard homepage has launched. Discover how this update can help your team manage critical IoT device data.
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Silva Gentchev
June 23, 2022
Dashboard illustration

How much does your IoT deployment cost? It’s a simple question, but companies with large fleets of IoT devices often find it incredibly difficult to answer. Understanding the total cost of a fleet can require wading through and analyzing massive swaths of data. And figuring out how to reduce that cost is even more time-consuming. That’s why we are excited to announce our new Dashboard homepage, the latest evolution of the Hologram Dashboard. As soon as you log into the Hologram Dashboard, you’ll now be able to see all of your critical device data at a glance, saving you time and allowing you to take action quickly. Let’s explore how the homepage will help you optimize and scale your fleet.

Increase visibility and proactively manage your IoT deployment

No one wants to spend valuable time searching for important information, which is why the Dashboard homepage was created with one goal in mind. Dashboard users should be able to view and act on all their device data quickly. Learn more about how this easy-to-access dashboard view empowers teams to own their deployments.

Optimize your spend

The new homepage helps you stay ahead of the curve and find ways to reduce costs from the first day you log on. Users can view device usage and spend right on the homepage, allowing them to predict the seasonality of their usage and make informed spending decisions about which devices to activate and/or to pause at which time. The ability to view this information and then use bulk pause or bulk activate to manage fleet spending can help reduce your project’s total cost.

Save time on data analysis

Time is money, which is why we don’t want Dashboard users to spend hours combing through data just to have a holistic understanding of how their devices are performing. The new Dashboard homepage brings the most important information front and center. From breakdowns of device status to 30-day usage alerts, you’ll always know how your devices are performing at a glance.

Avoid Disruptions

Get alerts and take action.With the new homepage, you can set up alerts and detect abnormalities before they turn into disruptions. Track device usage and trends in one easy-to-access view, so you can stay one step ahead of potential issues.

How to use the Dashboard homepage

To get a real-time snapshot of your fleet's health, simply log into your Dashboard account, and you’ll be taken to the homepage. Here you will be able to take advantage of multiple types of device information:

  • View up to date inventory counts for all Active devices in your fleet.
  • Go directly to the device table to view Connected, Ready, and Paused devices.
  • If your organization has Preflight, monitor your Preflight Ready and Hibernating devices undergoing testing during manufacturing.
  • If you are an Enterprise level organization with Inflight, access your Action Items from the homepage.
  • Use the Data Usage Panel on the homepage to view the total number of devices that have used data over the last 30 days.
  • View the action items that need your attention, and quickly take action.

For a more detailed breakdown of how to use the homepage, visit our Dashboard homepage support article.

An IoT dashboard built to scale your business

The Hologram Dashboard offers customers an unrivaled, cloud-based platform that gives real-time visibility into device usage, data limits, billing, and more. With the Hologram Preflight feature, you can manage unactivated SIMs during manufacturing and test and automate activation and device configuration when you’re ready to deploy. With Hologram Inflight, your team will know instantly when a device needs attention, with customizable alerts for unusual usage or data limits. With bulk activate and bulk pause and resume, teams have even greater ownership as they scale their deployments. And now, the new Dashboard homepage brings all of this critical information to the forefront, so your team can save time, manage spending, and take action quickly.

We are constantly striving to help customers optimize their deployments, and the new homepage is just the beginning. With more innovative and predictive cost management tools on the horizon, Hologram is ready to partner with your team today and in the future.

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