Connecting global supply chains

Hologram makes tracking assets simple. With our global, multi-carrier network, you can ensure end-to-end visibility. With a single SKU platform, you can eliminate the operational complexity of swapping SIM cards without giving up the flexibility to expand into new markets.

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No matter where your supply chain starts and ends — it’ll stay connected with Hologram

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Global Coverage

Build once, and deploy in any market around the world. Hologram makes sure you have access to multiple cellular networks in over 200 countries and territories.

Automatic Carrier Switching

Your Hologram SIM automatically connects to the best local carrier in every market, without steering or prioritization. You’ll always have the best network connection, wherever you roam.

Single SKU

Access our entire global network from a single SIM card. Streamline your supply chain by only handling one SKU across your entire fleet, regardless of where your devices may go.

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Global cargo monitoring made incredibly easy

Automate the SIM lifecycle — from QA testing during build out to automatic activation when your device goes live  in your customer's hands.

Hologram Inflight uses proactive alerting to monitor your fleet. Save time by focusing only on devices that need your team’s attention.

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All the flexibility you need to scale your business

Only pay for the data you need, down to the byte. Plus, there are no fees or overage penalties. Easily pause and hibernate devices to reduce costs while devices are unused.

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Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity