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To create a cloud-connected and A.I. powered robot that tracks inventory and ensures shelves stay stocked at large retailers.


North America

How Hologram & Bossa Nova partnered to keep shelves stocked and inventory accurate — with an AI-powered robot.


Bossa Nova created an A.I. powered robot that roams the aisles of larger retailers stitching together hi-definition photos of the shelves. It uses the photos to track inventory, flag misplaced items, and ensure shelves stay stocked. The robot uses tremendous amounts of data, and whenever a store’s Wi-Fi dropped, the robot would be stuck stranded in the aisle — puzzling customers. They needed a cellular connection that would be guaranteed to work out-of-the-box wherever their robot was shipped.


By partnering with Hologram, Bossa Nova’s robots are instantly connected to over 470+ cellular networks worldwide, with just one SIM. Meaning no complicated contracts, and no downtime for robots.

How Hologram fits in

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    Bossa Nova pre-installs the Hologram SIM into their robots during manufacturing, so they can ship them directly to their retail customers anywhere in the world.

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    Retail stores power on their robots and they’re automatically connected to the cloud — even if Wi-Fi is down.

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    Using Hologram's dashboards and reports, Bossa Nova can instantly see which robots are using LTE service and can troubleshoot potential Wi-Fi problems before data charges add up.

How Hologram improves Bossa Nova’s robots 

With that single SIM, Hologram is helping Bossa Nova’s robots stay connected and continue to improve.

Better uptime that keeps robots rolling

With Hologram providing backup connectivity to in-store Wi-Fi, Bossa Nova’s robots stay connected, empowering them to make their thrice-daily rounds. When a store’s Wi-Fi goes down, Hologram helps the robot grab the strongest available LTE so they can continue scanning shelves. 

Real-time insights that find Wi-Fi outages

Using Hologram’s Dashboard and reports, Bossa Nova’s IT department can instantly see which robots are using LTE service, which provider they’re using, and how much data they’re consuming. With this information, Bossa Nova can troubleshoot potential Wi-Fi problems and work with stores to fix them before the data charges add up. 

Per-gig data pricing that saves 88 percent 

Before Hologram’s single SIM, Bossa Nova paid a flat monthly fee for data, much of which went unused. But with Hologram, Bossa Nova only pays for the data they use, which has lowered their costs a whopping 88%.

Less time testing that frees up the team

Many cellular carriers want data-intensive machines like robots to undergo extensive testing before they are allowed on their networks. When one US carrier required Bossa Nova to complete this time-intensive testing, Hologram took care of everything — freeing up the Bossa Nova team’s time. 

Bossa Nova’s lifecycle with Hologram


Bossa Nova ordered a Hologram pilot SIM to see the network work with their robots in real-time. 


As Bossa Nova manufactures their robots, Hologram’s SIM cards are activated for testing but don’t begin charging for data until customers start using them.


Bossa Nova’s retail customers receive their robots, plug them in, and are automatically connected via a cellular network. 


Hologram’s inflight program allows Bossa Nova to monitor their robots and data usage from anywhere in the world with just one dashboard. 


When Bossa Nova is ready to add customers in new countries, they have the assurance that they’ll already be connected. No new contracts are needed. No new partners. Just reliable connectivity so they can focus on their product and sales.

Customers and stores both go empty-handed when items are out-of-stock. Hologram & Bossa Nova are changing that.

Bossa Nova’s robots stitch together detailed panorama images of each aisle, to identify missing items, price match items on the shelves, and notify store owners when something is in the wrong place. See how Bossa Nova’s Hologram-connected robots are increasing sales for large retailers.

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