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How Hologram helps thl connect their fleet and transform RV rentals


To improve asset tracking and logistics while keeping drivers safe


Fleet Management




As the largest provider of RV rentals in Australia, New Zealand, and the US, thl needed to streamline the complicated logistics of vehicles constantly in motion. They realized that by installing cellular connected devices in their RVs, they could improve asset tracking and, in turn, customer safety — but they needed to ensure a connection wherever an RV might roam.


Hologram’s network connects fleets to over 470+ carriers with just one SIM card — providing seamless global coverage. thl’s always-connected devices have helped streamline the logistics side of the business, improving utilization and minimizing downtime for each vehicle, making each RV more profitable and each trip safer for customers.

How Hologram fits in

thl installs Hologram’s global IoT SIM cards at manufacturing and uses Preflight’s free test data to QA. When the device is needed, any thl team member can activate it.
Once devices are activated, the flexibility of Hologram SIMs ensure that over-the-air updates can be performed — no SIM swaps needed to maintain connectivity.
Once devices have been deployed, the thl team uses the Hologram Dashboard to keep tabs on vehicle location, manage maintenance codes, and troubleshoot other issues.
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thl digital’s lifecycle with Hologram


The thl team relies on Hologram Preflight’s free test data to set up its devices, then sets SIMs to Hibernate mode until they are activated. This ensures that devices are ready to activate when the time comes, and thl only pays for the data they actually use.

Lisa Seach, thl’s Fleet Scheduling Manager, says, “I really like Hologram’s flexibility, allowing us to pay for just the data we use. It’s a really good model that works very well for us, with our fluctuating fleet sizes.”


The Hologram Dashboard provides the insights thl needs to make their operations more efficient. “One of the biggest cost benefits is definitely how location data helps with asset control,” explains Lisa.

Each morning, thl agents check location data for all vehicles scheduled to be returned that day. If data indicates a customer is too far away to realistically return their RV, agents can contact the customer to discuss an extension and learn their plans — while giving thl time to plan for the next rental.

In the future, thl will begin studying the growing dataset to better understand thl’s overall sustainability and vehicle lifecycle. By aggregating data, they can identify which vehicles require the least maintenance or have the lowest cost of ownership.


Today, the thl team is prepared for global growth — without the hassle of sourcing new connectivity partners or navigating new contracts. “Hologram’s global carrier coverage is huge for us as a global business,” Lisa says. “We won’t have to miss any opportunities.”

Hologram keeps thl's fleet constantly connected

With Hologram’s reliable connectivity, thl is able to optimize for a safer, more predictable RV rental experience. The flow of seamless, continuous vehicle data has empowered a shift to more proactive customer support and vehicle maintenance, and in turn, increased the profitability of each RV rental.

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