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Fleet Management


Create a device that gives feedback to drivers renting RVs in real time, so rental companies can monitor their fleets — and drivers stay safe and connected.



Keeping RVs connected, no matter where they roam


thl digital developed a device to help rental companies keep track of their RVs in real time and set parameters on driving to keep the RVs and drivers safe. In order for their device to work, they needed their devices to connect wherever an RV might roam.


Hologram’s network connects devices to over 470+ carriers with just one SIM card — providing global coverage, back-up carriers, and unparalleled support. By providing thl digital with unparalleled access to their SIM cards, they’ve reduced speeding incidents by 97% and can now help rental companies anticipate maintenance issues on RVs before they turn into major problems.

How Hologram fits in

  • 1

    thl digital pre-installs the Hologram SIM into their devices at manufacturing, so they can ship the device directly to rental fleets and know they’ll be connected.

  • 2

    RV rental fleets connect the device to their RVs and are automatically connected to the cloud.

  • 3

    thl digital uses Hologram's API to streamline their processes, so they can spend less time analyzing problems, and more time scaling their business.

How Hologram is helping thl digital keep RVs connected

470+ Networks for reliable connectivity from the boonies to the ‘burbs

Using Hologram’s global SIM means devices are automatically connected to the cloud, straight out of the box. No calibration, activation, or setting changes are required by thl digital's customers. 

And Hologram’s robust network of cellular providers means devices stay connected. If one carrier drops a signal, Hologram connects to the next down the line — giving each device the most reliable connectivity.

No matter where thl digital's devices are at work — whether it’s deep in the Australian Outback or way up in the Rocky Mountains, their customers can count on their devices staying connected. 

Manage thousands of devices: only pay for data you use

It’s easy to manage one device, but once you have hundreds or thousands, you need an easy way to view the devices and manage them. 

Rather than a one-size-fits-all plan, Hologram offers flexible plans that work dynamically as device needs change. That means thl digital only pays for the data they actually use. If one device uses more data than another, each is charged differently and it constantly adjusts. 

Or if demand increases or decreases, thl digital can stay agile and respond quickly to their customers' needs, without worrying about data contracts that keep them on the hook for unused data. 

Unparalleled set-up support and SIM card control 

With Hologram’s level of access to individual SIM cards, thl digital has been able to eliminate device downtime and manual updates to devices. 

That means they spend less time having to respond to device problems, and more time developing products to scale their business. 

It also means increased customer trust. Issues get fixed seamlessly with automated scripts, so they don’t have to worry about customers calling to report issues.

thl digital’s lifecycle with Hologram


thl digital ordered a Hologram pilot SIM to see the network work with their devices in real time. They worked with our team of developers to make sure everything would work perfectly when they moved into development. 


As thl digital manufactures their devices, Hologram’s SIM cards are activated for testing, but don’t begin charging for data until customers start using them.


Their customers receive their devices, plug them in, and are automatically connected via a cellular network. 


Hologram’s inflight program allows thl digital to monitor their devices and data usage all over the world with just one dashboard. And allows them to address device issues before their customers ever know there’s a problem.


When thl digital is ready to add customers in new countries, they have the assurance that they’ll already be connected. No new contracts needed. No new partners. Just reliable connectivity so they can focus on their product and sales.

Hologram keeps thl digital's devices constantly connected — no matter where they roam.

thl digital keeps RV rentals safe, connected, and maintenance free. By tapping into the same port a technician would use to troubleshoot mechanical problems, their device collects raw data that RV rental companies can use to spot maintenance issues before they turn into bigger problems and keep drivers safe. See how their technology has reduced speeding by 97% and harsh driving by 86% in rental RVs.

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