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How Zen Ecosystems and Hologram are making buildings more energy-efficient


Improve energy efficiency in buildings around the globe






Zen Ecosystems cloud connected devices help make commercial and retail buildings more energy efficient. But Wi-Fi is hard to access for new devices and managing dozens of cellular contracts and hundreds of different SIMs would take too many resources for Zen.


With Hologram, Zen Ecosystems smart thermostats and lighting systems have 24/7 connection across the globe with just one contract, and one type of SIM — so all their devices are easily managed from one place.

How Hologram fits in

Zen installs equipment in commercial spaces around the globe to make these buildings more energy efficient.
Hologram keeps these devices connected and streaming data no matter what country they’re in, and without worrying about spotty Wi-Fi.
Hologram’s Dashboard allows Zen Ecosystems to monitor all of their customer’s devices and data usage all over the world.
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How Hologram is helping Zen Ecosystems

Preflight setup with no data use charges

Most SIM cards and cell contracts begin charging for data usage as soon as they are shipped. But thanks to Hologram’s Preflight setup, when SIM cards arrive at Zen’s factory, they’re set to not draw data until they’re deployed — even if they sit idle for months.

Back up coverage for dropped signals

Hologram provides clients with a global, hardware-agnostic SIM card that has the advantage of having multiple partners for providing reliable connectivity around the globe. If one carrier drops a signal, Hologram connects to the next down the line — ensuring more reliable service.

Only pay for the data you use

‍Rather than a one-size-fits-all plan, Hologram only charges Zen for the data they actually use. If one device uses more data than another, each is charged differently and it constantly adjusts.

Data dashboards make it easy to help customers and plan growth

‍Hologram’s Inflight platform helps Zen — and its customers — track data across devices. The Inflight platform allows Zen to pinpoint each one of its devices, estimate future usage, and watch for any unusual spikes that might drive up bills.

Zen Ecosystem's lifecycle with Hologram


‍Zen Ecosystems ordered a Hologram SIM to test their devices in real time. Working with our IoT experts helped them ensure everything would work perfectly when they moved into development.


‍As Zen Ecosystems manufactures their devices, Hologram’s SIM cards are activated for testing, but don’t begin charging for data until customers start using them.


‍Zen Ecosystem’s customers receive their devices, plug them in, and are automatically connected via a cellular network.


‍Hologram’s inflight program allows Zen Ecosystems to monitor all of their customer’s devices and data usage all over the world with just one dashboard.


‍When Zen Ecosystems is ready to add customers in new regions, they have the assurance that they’ll already be connected — so they can focus on their product and sales.

Companies like KFC, Pizza Hut, and AT&T rely on Zen Ecosystems devices — powered by Hologram’s network — to cut energy costs.

Zen Ecosystems has created smart thermostats and smart lighting that’s connected right out of the box. When franchise owners invest in Zen to reduce energy waste, the devices are connected out of the box. See how Zen Ecosystem’s devices are reducing energy waste by 30% overnight.

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